Karina Pires
Creative Director

Writer, Photographer, Author of Artists At Home

Karina Dias Pires is a Brazilian-born Australian writer and a creative director exploring the intersection of storytelling, photography and moving image. She is a self-entitled ‘book geek’ and ‘art lover’ and from an early age she was always curious about exploring the artistic world. Growing up she recalls spending many hours at her dad's library immersing in an array of subjects and books, from poems and art to history and photography which are still intertwined in her studies and work.

Karina received her Bachelor of Visual Communications in Brazil, 1998 and her Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design in Australia, 2005. She has worked in many creative industries since from design and advertising to photography, styling and interiors. As a creative director she draws inspiration from everyday interactions, relationships, human essence, travels and arts. On her search for authenticity, beauty and intimacy, Karina lends her compelling and emotive aesthetic to both editorial and commercial clients. 

Karina currently lives in Bondi with her husband David Hanna and their two children, Gabrielle and Sebastian. Coming from a multi-cultural family, travelling is a big part of her life and she spends time between homes in Brazil and Australia. Artists at Home is Karina’s first book to be published with Thames and Hudson on November 2022, stepping into a very personal project she explores some of her favourite subjects and pays homage to inspiring female artists in Australia. 

‘Mixing literature, photography and visual arts is something I always dreamed of. I have always wanted to wake every day up and do something that moves me’. 

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