Karina Pires
Creative Director

Writer, Photographer, Author of Artists At Home

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Artists At Home limited edition (500 copies only)

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by Karina Dias Pires 

32 female artists in Australia share images and stories of their homes, studios, and creative practice. 

Painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography, installation, printmaking, film ... exploring their diverse practice and a variety of mediums, these formidable artists are united by their strength, passion, vulnerability and uncompromising artistic visions. 

A visually rich, accessibly written book showcasing the art, studios and homes of 

32 female artists in Australia. Author and photographer Karina Dias Pires takes us behind the scenes into the creative spaces of these remarkable women, amplifying their voices through the intersection of their professional and personal lives. 

The result is an honest, intimate reflection on their career evolutions, motivations and inspirations. Featuring unpublished images and interviews with artists such as Yvette Coppersmith, Tamara Dean, Lindy Lee, Louise Olsen, Laura Jones and Patricia Piccinini, the focus is on empowering women and exploring both the art and the extraordinary women behind it. 

Karina Dias Pires is a Brazilian-born Australian writer and photographer, exploring the intersection of storytelling with still and moving images. She has worked in many creative industries, from design and advertising to photography, styling and interiors. On her search for authenticity and intimacy, she draws inspiration from everyday interactions, relationships, human essence and arts. Travelling is a big part of her life and she divides time between homes in Sydney and São Paulo. Artists at Home is Karina's first book with Thames & Hudson. 

25 Oct 2022 | 9781760762759 | Hardback | Illustrated | AU $59.99 | Published by Thames & Hudson Australia 

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